Friday, June 20, 2008

Doors Open Wide

Is it just me or are more doors opened when a woman wears heels? Literally. Given that I'm 5'9" I typically don't wear heels, and if I wear them at work it is only in the office (for you non New Yorkers, since we walk a LOT, it is commonplace to wear sneakers or flip-flops on the subway and change into heels/work shoes in the office. I literally have 5 pairs of shoes in my desk drawer). But today my flip-flops were bothering me, so I decided to wear my reasonably comfortable heels on my lunch outing to Bryant Park to meet two dear high school friends (Audra and Drew). And everywhere I went men were holding open doors for me. It was the weirdest thing ever. Because men here aren't typically so generous with their time. And left and right, doors were just held open. Not like a guy in front of me and he "held" the door open as he walked through so it wouldn't shut on my face, but straight up stopping, pulling open the door, letting me go through, and then following. Maybe it would not be statistically significant and it just so happened that on this sunny Friday these men were all feeling particularly gentlemanly. But seriously, since it sooo rarely happens, it just struck me as odd. A good odd. I'm not a believer in "using" my "womanhood" to "get" things in life (thanks dad!), but daaaamn, it felt nice. So what do we think, random chance occurrence or actual observable trend? I might have to do a little more "research" and see if I can shed a little more light on this situation. I'll keep you posted.

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