Monday, June 23, 2008

Paging Miss Vail

This story is not my own, but it was so amusing that I had to share it.

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of having dinner with my college roommate Meg, her wonderful parents, and a few other friends to celebrate Meg's birthday. She lives in Miami and flew up for the day to see South Pacific with her parents and then have dinner with us. So, true to form I got there late, but this time it wasn't my fault. The whole flying-from-Cincinnati got in the way. But I made it. And you know I love making an entrance.

At dinner Meg shared the following story from her journey up from Miami that morning. She had a mere 2.5 hours of sleep the night before, out celebrating her birthday with her Miami friends rockin out to a little karaoke. So needless to say she was tired for her flight and managed to fall asleep. But as sleep goes, airplane slumbers are not typically the most restful of sleeps and often not really a deep sleep but more like a doze. In this doze-sleep Meg dreamt (the only word in the English language that ends in -mt, in case you were wondering) that the flight attendant had paged her over the intercom requesting that she specifically press her call button. At this point Meg woke up but, not realizing she had been asleep, believed that the paging had actually happened and pressed her call button. The stewardess came over and Meg looked at her expectantly, "You paged me?"

Now, to take a step back, if you know Meg you are laughing your booty off right now. Because this is SO her. Classic Meg moment. I can totally picture her bleary-eyed and half-awake COMPLETELY CONVINCED she had been paged.

Back to our story, the stewardess of course looked at Meg like she was a crazy person but given her occupation kindly replied, "No Ma'am, we haven't been on the intercom at all. And we haven't paged anyone." (At which point in the story I interjected, "in the last twenty-two years"). So at this point Meg was very confused and I can only picture her rubbing her eyes, brushing one of her cute short curls out of her face, and looking around for some affirmation from fellow passengers. And getting none. So she replied, "No, you paged me TWICE." And then the stewardess said, "Maybe you were dreaming?" and suddenly it all became so clear. And Meg instantly wanted to hide under seat in the fetal position. I mean, bless her heart, what do you say to that? Some flight attendant in a starched uniform that makes even skinny girls look frumpy who you KNOW is thinking, "This girl is a whack job" and here you are just trying to catch a few ZZzzzs after your wonderful karaoke birthday party? But you can't explain because the more you say the more you confirm her suspicion. Ah Meg, I'm sure you handled it beautifully, as only the Meggers can.

And seriously, you know you've had those moments where you wake up after a dream COMPLETELY CONVINCED that something happened. And you're mad at your significant other for the "fight" you had or feel despondent about failing your exam. And it takes a lot of concentrated effort to convince yourself that you were in fact dreaming and that did not in fact happen.

I think as a whole she came out on top for the day, however, given that she got to see friggin South Pacific (which I still can't get tickets for... no I'm not bitter), have dinner with family and friends, AND *drum roll* sit immediately behind Hilary and Chelsea Clinton at the musical. Who apparently looks much younger in person. Hilary I mean.

So Meggers, thank you for sharing your story, you gave us quite a laugh, and we appreciate your sense of humor and ability to chuckle at yourself. Classic.

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Preethi said...

hahahahahaha awesome and SO MEG. Wonderful.