Monday, August 04, 2008

Icky Format

I don't know why blogger hates Macs, but it does.  Most annoyingly, my "Georgia" font comes out differently when published on my Mac, which is now my sole computer (as opposed to when I had my work laptop as well).  Of late you may notice some crazy color changes in the font, too.  I have NO CLUE why this happens or how to fix it.  And to be honest I don't care enough right now to allow that frustration into my life.  I AM JUST THAT CHILLAXED RIGHT NOW.  Just to say, I know it's there, I'm not some careless blogger who has all kinds of wacky things going on, but I am a non-tech-savvy blogger who has no idea how to fix such wackynesses.  Maybe someday when 1,000 people ready my blog every DAY rather than every 6 weeks, I'll care more.  But for now, you'll just have to consider it yet another quirky of an already quirky website.  And done.

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