Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why My Mom is Gangsta

Conversation with my mother while she was driving me to the airport yesterday:
Me: If you could do anything other than what you're doing right now (Ed Note: hospital administrator), regardless of pay, what would you do?
Mom: Hmmmm... I dunno.  I like what I do. *pause*  I think I would be a writer.
Me: Really?  What would you write?
Mom: Probably novels.  I read way too many novels.  I think that would be fun.
Me: That's cool.
Mom: Otherwise I'd be a CIA agent.
Me: *laughing* That's awesome.

Flash forward to later that evening, texting back and forth with my mom:
Mom: If you get a chance check out the SunGazette online- I'm quoted on the front page again.  Ha.
Me: That's awesome!
Mom: Oh I don't know... just kind of a female victory in a man's world.
Me: I'm so unbelievably proud of you... you're a rock star.
Mom: Nope... an undercover CIA agent.

And that my friends is why I have the coolest mom ever.  So today when I was searching for said article I just searched for "Rita Spangler" on the newspaper's website so I could link to it in my blog.  And it turns out my mom really IS gangsta, because she's quoted in the paper almost as much as the mayor.  I guess when you're in charge of building a brand new several hundred million dollar hospital, people want to hear what you have to say.  And even though my mom thinks it's not a big deal and she's all shy and doesn't talk about it, she's most definitely a rock star.  And what I find most impressive is that every time I meet someone at her hospital they all say a variation on the same thing, "Your mom is great to work for... Your mom has a great laugh... Your mom is so optimistic and happy... I'd do anything for your mom, she's just great."  It's amazing.  I remember even from when I was a little kid and I would go to work with her for some reason and she literally knew everyone's name.  From the lady who changed bedpans and the guy who cleaned the floors to the tippy top executives.  That really impressed me.  And I thought then and still believe that is what makes all the difference as a professional woman in the workplace, and I strive every day to be like my mom in that way.  Undercover agent or not, she's my hero, and I aspire to be even a fraction as great as she is someday.  And maybe even be a writer on the side.

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