Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Question of the Week Vol 4

Thanks for guessing for last week.  Unfortunately no one was correct with the either.  Which proves my suspicion that it's not so intuitive as we may think (I was wrong too).

The most common street name in America is actually Second Street.  Interesting.

For the most common place name, there are conflicting versions or data on this, but I'm going to go with this account saying that Riverview is the most common place name, not Springfield as many people think.  Riverview is found in all but four states, with Centerville as a runner up (found in all but five states).  Wikipedia starts with Franklin, occurring 37 times, so I think that's wrong, unless the other census is inaccurate.  But I don't quite understand why there is such a difference.  In any event, it's not Springfield.  And Bridgette would be the only one who was actually close.  Nice try though folks.

My new question has no right answer, but it is one for which everyone I have ever asked has a very specific answer.  
So, my question this week is what is your ideal breakfast?  If you could just make absolutely anything for breakfast, exactly as you like, what would it be?  Be as detailed as you like.  Thaks in advance for humoring me.


pferree said...

2 eggs over easy; 1 waffle; hashbrowns scattered, covered, and peppered; bottomless coffee

David said...

french toast

Unknown said...

Fresh-squeezed orange juice

Buckwheat pancakes with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and bananas inside, with NH maple syrup.

Strawberry soup

Roasted ham and roast beef (the kind that they cut up at Easter buffets)

Dessert: chocolate souffle

I'm sure i'm missing some items...