Thursday, October 02, 2008

'stache Club

I really felt this deserved its own post, though the entirety of the event constituted all of 10 minutes of one day.  But the pictures.  Ohhh the pictures!  On our last day in Oregon we cleaned out the lodge top to bottom.  In said cleaning someone made a fun little discovery.  A collection of fake mustaches, undoubtedly purchased from a quirky costume or dollar store.  So naturally, we put them on.  And took pictures.  Only, the majority of people wearing the mustaches were girls.  Which made it all the more awkward and gross.  Though I have been heavy on pictures and light on words of late (perhaps some people are thankful for this), I will share a few pictures from our Stache Collection.

Blue Steel

Ridiculously good looking

Vlad and his Russian women

I can't even handle this

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