Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sexy Sweater Extravaganza

And by 'sexy' I mean 'heinous.'  Our last week in Washington we had a little Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  And here I was thinking it would just be ugly SWEATERS, given the title.  Oh but no.  We had ugly skirts, socks, scarves, shoes, and even lights.  Yes lights.  On people.  I have heard of such ugly sweater parties, but never attended one, and wow.  It was like every Little-Old-Lady's knitting heaven.  We had multi-fabric sweaters, sequins, pockets in the shape of mittens with actual finger holes, sweater layering (for added warmth!), sweaters with lacy collars, and patterned turtlenecks.  Everything tacky.  

What I'm wondering is where everyone got all these sweaters?  How is it possible that there are so many hideous Christmas sweaters?  Are there really that many 60+ women buying heinous sweaters and wearing them and then sending them to the thrift stores?  Because you know what, I think I might see an opportunity for a seasonal store selling nothing but sweaters for Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties.  I could make a KILLING!  I could hire elderly ladies who like to knit and maybe can't see quite so well, so they are likely to add extra sequins just so they can see how brilliant it is.  Just think of the possibilities!  

We had a contest, elaborately judged by round of applause and meticulously narrowed down the contestants to the best of the worst.  It was quite the heated contest, and the final three were asked to sing and dance in their shirts as a final way to decide.  In.  Tense.  Lots of fun was had, plenty of laughs, and certainly a fair amount of picture taking.  Next year's Christmas cards are already ready.  
Awkward smile.  Next year's Christmas card

Awkward smile

Bobby made his pants out of felt.  True story.  Please note the layering of sweaters.  And how horribly inadequate mine seems next to his.  I had shoulder pads though...

Two people had the SAME SWEATER.  What are the odds?? 

The finalists. Quite the decision

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