Friday, January 23, 2009

My New Home: The Romanian Version

I know you're all just dying to see my apartment.  Simply waiting with bated breath, I know. Well the time has arrived folks, I have pictures of the place I will be living for the next seven months.  I am living with Luci (American, part of our team) and Simona (Romanian, working with the Romanian student church) in the apartment that is on the second floor of the building where we have church.  Even though people said the attic was "way too cold" to live in for the winter, it turns out it is perfectly fine (perhaps because they have recently added extra insulation to the outside) once you put a space heater up there.  And it's quite lovely with its slanted roof and 1970s wood paneling.  Loads of character.  So I took a few pictures for "Before" and "After." 

I think my camera was unhappy, or it was dusty, not quite sure

Please note: I found that comforter under a pile of stuff in the storage room in the attic.  Pretty amazing

Please note: Yes, my door is a trap door which leads down totally sketchy and scary steps.  I need to make sure I am completely awake before attempting the descent

Moving on to other areas of the apartment:
The bathroom, obvi.  Ah, the shower.  Which isn't stationary and on the wall, but a snakey extension that you hold manually above your head

And the kitchen.  While everything looks proportional, it's because everything is smaller here.  Everything

First view of our living room, which is a bit in disarray now as we adjust and move furniture

Second view of the living room, kitchen in the background, and stairs up to the attic on the right

Finally, a view from the outside of the entire building.  Home sweet home

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PamCakes said...

Yay! I was hoping to see pics of your "attic!"
Miss you!