Friday, February 06, 2009

Question of the Week Vol 7

In response to last week’s question, I would have to say Italian. Though I had to think at length about this question because I do love Mexican and Thai food. Kind of a lot.  But at the end of the day, I can say without question that I could eat prosciutto and panceta, porcini and portobello, pecorino and parmigiano, penne and papardelle, pesto and paninis all the rest of my days.  And those are just the P’s. Did I mention the wine? Yea. Done deal.

As for this week, I have been thinking about “chores” a lot. Given that much more of my time now is spent in the “ordinary” everyday life kind of activities (cooking, cleaning, errands, etc), I have thought more about my childhood and when I “had” to do chores rather than “got” to do them (at least as far as my attitude was then and now). So my question for this week is- as a child what was your least favorite chore? Either inside or outside (or both). With that, as you have grown up, has this changed or perhaps shifted to something new? For instance, did you absolutely despise weeding when you were a child but now absolutely love gardening and don’t mind that it incidentally involves weeding? Or perhaps you used to hate cleaning the bathtub but now that has been superceded by your intense distaste for dusting because you no longer have a bathtub but live in a dusty place? Or something. I often find that people have stories or memories surrounding their chores, so I am interested to read what you have to write. Even if it is that you didn’t do chores growing up because you always had a maid. Or that you beat your little brother into submission to do yours as well as his. I only wish I had thought of that one before my brother became bigger than me.

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Caley said...

I think I used to hate vacuuming. We had this big, heavy Electroluxe and my skinny 9 year old body wasn't quite strong enough to move it around. But I still had to do it. The most distinct chore in my memory is weeding the strawberry patch. My dad used to send Trevor and I out early in the morning because,"It has to be done and it's not as hot now..." But Megan got to stay inside because she was more sensitive to the sun. Totally not fair. But I kind of like both weeding and vacuuming now... Now I absolutely hate cleaning other people's houses, especially their bathrooms, especially cleaning the floor on my hands and knees. Ick!