Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode to the Ode

Awhile back when our team was out in Voroneti together, we each did a "personal passion" workshop in order to teach one another about something we love. The lovely Christina taught us all about ode-writing. And the way we "practiced" ode-writing was by pulling a random object out of a bag and writing an ode about that object. Quite interesting. So I would like to share with you the results of our little workshop...

Ode to Chocolate Epice
A forbidden marriage deep in the heart
of the emerald mountains
of your namesake
Your ruby lustre glows
As she becomes one with your earthen bitterness
Unparalleled in any form- 
-whether statuesque or fluid
You glow like an ember from Vesuvius' furnace
on the tongues of men
O wax which seals up every love
the steaming jungles proclaim
Ton mystere secret
O mistress of spices
and Earthen lord
your cavernous depth
is like the souls of men
Yet your brief life melts under the noonday sun
as you are like all pleasures-
-poignant and fleeting
we yearn for more
- by Luci

Ode to Zwan
What does zwanderful mean?
Ask the pikin of Sierra Leone
As they snack on their mystery shawarmas.
They say the dog population is on the decline
In Holland
O you tasty treat, fresh meat substitute
Will we ever know your true identity?
-by Trevor

Ode to Toilet Paper
There are none quite humbler than you
And none to whom we are indebted more;
Where we would have many, you are few
Yet when many, we have thanklessly tore
At the thin grey skin
Of your shrinking core

O if we citizens rose up in one voice
And did not sit silent on your white throne
Perhaps by the freedom of our choice
You would remain one ply alone
- by Christina

Ode to Cherry Chapstick
In ancient times your kin were formed
Deep beneath the surface of the earth
You were called forth by cruel drill
and unrelenting pump
Separated as if at birth from your brother- crude-
and shipped from the sands of Arabia to New Jersey, 
the armpit of America

You allure me with the promise of moisture, cherry goodness,
and viscoelasticity,
Only to paint my lips a glowing red
and bring outsiders to question my masculinity

Go back, back, back to New Jersey
- by David

Ode to a Pear
O tall slender tower of fruit,
reminiscent of Inglewood autumns,
your lightly mottle green
and soft supple flesh
fills my mouth and memory

O pear,
plucked from mossy branches
by my little girl hands
You are a sophisticated peasant of fruit,
an elegant and simple
taste of home

With 5 stars, by chefs abroad you are
poached in wine, covered in creme anglaise,
drizzled in chocolate, sliced with lemon and salt

But I enjoy you most
Cooked down and mashed into pearsauce
yielding you into soft comfort
in my Grandma's kitchen
You are a taste that lingers long.
- by Erin

Ode to a Corkscrew
O sleek metallic wonder!
Ever so simple yet beautiful to me
Your curved figure boasts
Of the fruit of your labor
Pinot, Chianti, Cabernet, Merlot
As you turn, turn, turn
Gently raising your arms
Reaching towards the sky
While drilling ever down
Sharp and refined; powerful and pure
You open up the vineyard door
A perfect key made just for me
-by ME

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Unknown said...

i cannot get over how accurately each of those reflects your varying personalities. nor can i stop laughing because they are collectively and individually hysterical.