Saturday, May 09, 2009

Driving Across Romania

My little trip from Iasi to Cluj, by the numbers:

Miles driven: 250
Hours it took to drive those miles: Eight
Average speed through the mountains: 60km/hour (37 miles/hour)
Cows almost hit: One
Times stopped by the police for "speeding": One
Pedestrians almost hit: Six (Or maybe it was sixteen)
One-way streets driven down in the wrong direction: Zero (A BIG deal considering the number of them in Cluj and our complete inability to figure out where we were supposed to be)
Random men who tried to open the driver's side door to yell at us for stopping in the middle of the pedestrian crosswalk: One
Neon (and I mean neon) orange houses seen: One (Gosh I regret not stopping to take a photo)
Castles seen: Zero (Strange to me, considering we drove through Transylvania)
Hours spent in Cluj: Nineteen (8 of which were sleeping) 

That sums it up. No pun intended. Once I return to Iasi and upload photos, I will share about my brief exploration of Cluj and what I learned about the other side of Romania. And just how cool it is to see a street whose buildings lining it are symmetrical. Get excited.

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