Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Get It Now

When I was a teen, or even in college, I remember quite a few things adults would say that just baffled me. But now as an adult, albeit a young one, I TOTALLY GET IT. Por ejemplo:

- When I was in the 12-14 year old range, I remember writing in my journal, as 12-14 year old girls do, things along the lines of, "I just don't understand why my parents treat me this way! Don't they remember what it's like to be this age? They are so uncaring about my problems! When I have kids I will TOTALLY be compassionate because I will remember what it's like to be this age." That kind of thing. 
And now, as a single adult without kids, I am SO NOT COMPASSIONATE towards 13 year old girls. I'm all, Get Over Yourself You Whiny Little Brat. And basically have very little sympathy for the vast majority off "injustices" they feel. I can't even imagine what I'll be like when I actually have a 13 year old child. So, there goes my promise to myself...

- When I was in college and alumni would come back for Homecoming or Graduation or my theatre company's shows or I would often hear them say things like, "Wow, I can't stay up this late anymore." And it would be midnight, well before my usual 2am bedtime. Or at parties they would say things like, "Gosh, I just can't hold my liquor like I used to. I'll be a mess tomorrow. And it's past my bedtime." Again, I thought, "Pssshaw, that will never happen to me. Staying up until 2am is SO NORMAL and I can't imagine how your alcohol tolerance changes. And anyhow, it's just ONE NIGHT for these people, what is their problem? I'll never be like that." 
As I'm sure you can guess, now when 11pm rolls around and I'm way eager to have my pajamas on, perhaps would prefer to have had them on for at least an hour while enjoying a cup of chamomile tea. And anything that involves staying up until 2am needs to be known at least a week ahead of time so that I have ample time to mentally prepare myself. 

- All throughout childhood my parents would run into high school friends (I grew up one town over from where they grew up) and have that awkward, "I'm sorry, can you remind me of you name" exchange. Or be reminiscing about something from high school and be completely unable to remember a person's name. To me, this seemed totally ludicrous, because these were people they saw every day for eight years of school, if not all twelve. I mean, What. The. Heck? How could you not remember the name of someone that you knew for so long? I can understand forgetting last names maybe, but first names? COME ON. 
Oh my word, I can't even tell you how many times since I have graduated high school I have run into someone that I JUST CANNOT REMEMBER THEIR NAME. It is gone from my mind, lost, forgotten. And I kind of take pride in being a person who remembers names. Jheeze Louise. Not only do people change KIND OF A LOT in appearance say from the time they're 15 to 23, but gosh, when you don't see someone for six years, your brain actually truly has buried that information so far below mounds of information that has been relevant in the entirety of those six years that well, sorry, NO ROOM AT THE INN. 

- I always thought it was so so silly when I would meet people in my teens and they would say, "Ooooooh I haven't seen you since you were *motioning low to the ground* THIS BIG. You have grown up so fast!" And I was all, Ok, thanks for the news flash, Sherlock. As if I've changed so drastically, or as if you've really not seen me for 10 years. Yea. Right. It was completely inconceivable to me that a) people could go years and not see one another and b) that I could change drastically in that kind of time.
Now I totally get it. Totally. In the fall I lived daily in the presence of two babies less than a year old. I haven't seen them in six months, and I am just SHOCKED when I see pictures online at how much they've changed and grown. Oh man, it's crazy. 

There are certainly other things I could name, but those are just a few of the most notable ones. So ok, I'm officially a lame adult now. Gosh. Never though it would come to this. Quarter-life crisis commence NOW.

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Unknown said...

Love it. and I TOTALLY agree with that whiny 13-year-old commentary. But I'm 19. ha ha.