Monday, July 20, 2009

Bliggity Blarg

So yea, about the fact that I haven't written a blog in 19 days... It's just. *sigh* It's been so hot since I got back to Iasi, and quite frankly I don't much care to do anything. Including sit by my hot hot laptop in the dead of the 95 degree afternoon in my airconditionless apartment and write a blog. I don't altogether mind the heat, but I would just rather sit and read. Or sleep. Another problem is that since I drowned my camera when I was in America, I don't have pictures of say, my travels in Budapest, nor all the random things I want to take pictures of and write blogs about as I go about my days. Like the street puppy we "adopted." Or the Billa Bag Man. Add to that a lot of transition of students leaving for the summer and several teammates leaving Iasi for good, plus a weeklong camp in the Romanian mountains where there wasn't so much phone service, let alone internet, I just haven't so much put a priority on the blog. But there is hope. I will be getting pictures from my fellow adventurer in Budapest. And I have OODLES of stories from camp. So, perhaps later this week I shall resume the Spangles ridiculousness. Stay tuned.

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