Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lemons to Lemonade

In the past few weeks I have been brought or sent four jumbo size boxes of Milk Duds. Which is amazing because I love Milk Duds and I am fortunate to have friends who send me things I love. The only problem is that they're all melted into blobs of choclatey carmely goo inside the jumbo size boxes because of transport in the summer heat. OneTwoThreeFOUR boxes of Milk Duds that I can't reasonably eat. This is about as awful as life gets. But I saved them, thinking maybe, just maybe, there was a way to redeem them.

Then tonight it hits me- CARMEL CORN. Why don't I just make popcorn, melt the dud Milk Duds (hehe) and drizzle the sauce over the popcorn to take yummyness to new levels?! So I open the first box and start tearing the paper away from the blob, then find a few that are still reasonably loose and complete. So I eat them. And promptly realize they taste like dryer sheets. OH THE TRAVESTY! Turns out that in the box in which they were sent a box of dryer sheets was also sent. And over my months here I have learned that Milk Duds have a particular tendency to absorb the taste of anything in close proximity. Only, in times past I have simply had vaguely minty Milk Duds because that friend sent me Orbit Gum as well. But DRYER SHEETS? I'm sorry, but not so much a great addition to carmel and chocolate. And remember, it's carmel and chewy so I can't even spit it out and I have to continue tasting Downy Duds.

I survive this tragic experience and promptly throw out the two boxes that came in that package. Sad. I may or may not have had a moment of silence.

Moving right along, I open one of the other boxes and get to work. Melting melting melting, stir stir stir, drizzle drizzle drizzle, and VWALLAH:
That my friends is how you make Milk Loveliness out of Milk Duds.

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