Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Review: Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Youssef

What an intense and interesting book this was! It is the true account of author Youssef’s life as the eldest son of one of the 7 men who founded Hamas. I was intrigued about this book because I love memoirs, and I am always looking to gain a more well-rounded perspective of the situation in the Middle East, particularly from the Palestinian point of view. And this certainly challenged some of my traditionally-held views and understandings about it all. It totally reads like a spy thriller, starting with Youssef’s childhood as a devout Muslim who deeply admires his Sheikh father, then continuing on with his imprisonment for purchasing guns, his experiences in prison, disillusionment with much of the workings of Hamas, decision to become a spy for the Israeli secret service, and journey of faith. I found it to be quite the page-turner, and richly captivating. I learned a lot of new information, or maybe just digested it all a little better because of the format. It’s a fascinating account that will undoubtedly challenge your views, no matter where you fall on the political or religious spectrum.

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cewmont said...

Hey there--I ran across your blog while google searching what to wear on my trip to Iasi in a few weeks. I think what got your blog into the mix was your comment on being the only hussy at that funeral because of wearing pants.

A couple of years ago I went to another country where I was told I should wear long skirts and I should be prepared to cover my head. Only thing was, that I ended up being with a group of young people who were not part of the orthodox religion and everyone around me except 70 year old women (and myself!) were in jeans and very westernized clothing.

I am having a hard time, because all our stores have spring clothes out and its practically impossible to find long skirts anyway. Should be interesting!

In the meantime I am enjoying reading your blog and look forward to being in Iasi!