Friday, December 14, 2012

Travel Log- Ghana: Food

I ate so much delicious food in Ghana, it was unreal. Fresh fish everywhere + private chef at my friend’s family’s house + luxurious beach resort + wonderful Accra restaurants = a week of great eating for Spangles.

Some of the deliciousness included:

Many incredible meals from my friend’s chef, but two were fish cakes (it tasted like salmon, but I’m not sure if it was), and a beef stir fry:

Banku (a corn-based swallow, super common in Ghana) and fresh whole tilapia. The pepper was really spicy, but delicious:

Similarly, another corn-based product (whose name I can't remember) and whole red snapper. There were two kinds of pepper (raw and cooked sauce), not pictured:

A little corn snack (are you seeing a corn theme??):

Another common snack is fried overripe plantain with pepper (spice):

I also ate a yummy sushi roll and lobster miso soup (not pictured) out at a Japanese restaurant one night:

The beach resort we went to for a weekend had the most insanely amazing food, including:
Seafood salad with avocado medallion and prawn tempura:

Chicken stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, with a creamy polenta and mushroom sauce:

Orange cheese cake with chocolate ice cream:

For breakfast we received homemade breads with fresh pineapple and raspberry jams, as well as feta cheese, avocado, and mascarpone spreads:
Fruit as fresh as fresh can be:

Grilled snapper with chimichuru, vegetable tempura, coriander emulsion, and bean salsa:

Berries in lemongrass syrup with orange sorbet:

The most crazy food item at the resort was a fish platter for two. I think they meant to write four. It included a whole grouper, red snapper, lobster, barracudas, calamari, and prawns. It was seriously intense. We did some damage, but weren’t able to finish it all.

What a delectable week of eating, indeed! It didn’t hurt that many of my meals were eaten overlooking the ocean. I think that makes food taste better. All around, two thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload.
The sea food made my tummy rumbled.
I cant wait to go back to Ghana.

Alicia said...

Can you name some of the places you went too??!! Looks so delicious - I will definitely go to these places next time I'm there!

Unknown said...

Gosh, I'm not sure I remember all the names anymore, but I'll try. A lot of these were at a private beach club (White Sands), so I'm thinking unless you know someone who is a member that would be difficult to go to. The snapper was at Coconut Grove Beach Resort, near Elmina. The Japanese restaurant I mentioned was Santoku in Accra, the fried overripe plantain with pepper were from a roadside stand, and I'm not remembering specifically where I got the bank and tilapia, but it was a little restaurant right along the water near independence square...