Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jason Robert Brown

Last night I saw Jason Robert Brown in concert at Birdland, a jazz club in midtown. For those of you who don't know, he is a musical theatre composer, most famous for writing the score to Parade, for which he won a Tony. He's also done Songs for a New World and (my personal favorite) The Last Five Years. Ok, so a guy who plays piano superbly, writes broadway shows, and can sing? Um, yes please. And he's really really amusing and entertaining. Kind of like Ben Folds meets Broadway. His lyrics are just so off-the-wall, and his stage presence is just spectacular. I was there with Becca and Dora, and Becca pointed out JRB's wife and mentioned that she desperately wants to babysit for their child (totally normal, right?). So today at work I was telling one of my coworkers that I saw JRB last night, and he says, Oh, yeah, that's cool, my wife is friends with his wife and babysits for them sometimes when they're here in the city. What a small small city New York is.

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