Monday, September 11, 2006

Update on the Cat

So for those of you wondering the status of my parent's new acquisition, ie, the little black cat they are eye-dropper feeding back to life, here it is.
I asked my mom what they were going to name it, to check on the validity of "Shaniqua." She said, "Well, I want to name it Shiloh. But your dad wants Niki (as in, a shortened form of Shaniqua), so we'll see." A week later I asked my dad about the Shiloh name and he responds, "No, Shiloh is what you name a horse. Our cat will be Niki. Or maybe K2, as in Kitty the Second." Our first cat, if you recall, is named Kitty. So folks, it has been decided upon... no Shaniqua, no Shiloh, just Niki. And there you have it.

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