Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lipo Depot

While at home in central PA, I went out to dinner with my parents and Megan (who had the crazy adventure of seeing my life in podunkville), sans the brother who was at home playing Guitar Hero. We got to talking about various things, and of course my job and my current crazy (read: awesome) project on botox and liposuction came up. As it usually does. This was immediately on the heels of a conversation in which Megan was talking about wanting to start her own business someday.
My dad goes, "Liz, I think you should start your own liposuction business right here. It would go over real big." (Now, mind you, this is chicken and waffles land, with all the gravy you can eat on every food group you can stand it, fried everything, and lots and lots of Pennsylvania Dutch cookin... so, needless to say, if you want to know why overweight/obesity rates are combining for up to 66% of the US population, just check out central PA).
(as I roll my eyes): "Well, that would be an interesting idea..."
Dad (increasingly assured of the brilliance of this plan): "You could make a ton of money, all these people around here need lots of fat sucked out."
Me (still being rational and logical... as if that ever gets me anywhere): "Well, you know, sometimes lipo isn't really what people need, and I wouldn't want to do something that isn't really helpful... you know, they need something like gastric bypass..."
Dad: "Nonono, you're missing the point, it's about MONEY, not about helping people. Come on Liz, haven't I taught you anything? They'll just keep comin on back. Time and time again. You even have a name for it- Spangler Liposuction."
Me (pausing to consider): "Or I could call it the Lipo Depot. That would go over real big I'm sure."
Dad: "Exactly!"

Lipo Depot. Ha.

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