Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve Family Service

I had quite the dilemma this year as to where to go to church for Christmas Eve. Since I've fallen in love with the Presby church, I wanted to do that, but 1) I've never been to one at home and 2) none of my family is Presby. And it's important to be with family during Christmas... I usually go with my mom's side of the family to our Catholic Church, but the mere thought of listening to the jerk of a priest at my home church was enough to compel me to go to a foreign church and by myself. Being with family or being in a good church? Tough decision.
So I chose both, but really not in the way I anticipated.
I went to church with the Spangler side of my family (my dad's two brothers, aunt, and 2 cousins), at their Lutheran church. And as it turns out it was the family service, where the kids run most of it. Quite possibly the most amusing and altogether joyous service I've ever been to. And entirely embodying the Christmas spirit. 20 little kids, about ages 7-9, singing songs, reading the scripture, and oh, what joy. Aside from the fact that it further made me want children somewhat immediately, it made me ready for Christmas, mind and spirit. I guess the Lutheran's got it right. Merry Christmas!

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