Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My new purchase

I did it.
After much deliberation, hesitation, and pragmatic thought, I just did it.
I bought a full size weighted keyboard of amazingness. My brand new Casio PX-310.
And I love it.

I for several months now have been frustrated with a lack of an outlet to, well, quite frankly, release my energy. Some part of me just needs to perform, to act, to sing, to play piano. Just something. And I had nothing.
So I thought about teaching myself guitar... but would I really stick with it?
I thought about buying a keyboard... but the piano snob in me said it just wouldn't be the same.
I talked about it for Christmas.

Then I put the money my parents gave me in the bank.

Then Justin rebuked me for the absurdity that was my reasoning process and how I basically was just being "practical" rather than getting the one thing I wanted and love. And plus, he argued, how satisfying would it feel to make a large purchase?
So then I reached down into my impulsive roots and just did it.
With Cass and his infinite piano/technology/all things musical wisdom by my side (and conveniently his car that he drove in to visit me), we set out to buy me a keyboard.

I told myself not to touch anything that was out of my price range because I would just realize what I could have, if only I had the money. Of course I did, and of course I was annoyed.
But I was happy with the Casio, and I just kept coming back to it, and so, I bought it.

Now I have to say that I would never ever recommend this store to anyone, ever. Sam Ash. They were terrible, just awful. If I were to imagine what my Hell would be, this would likely be it- people banging on drums, playing guitars, tapping on things, no rhyme or reason, sales people who don't care, don't help you, and are downright rude, more drums, chaos, disarray, disorganization. Oh man, it was just a true test of patience. So I walked outside and let Cass handle it.

We get home, open it up, set it on the stand, and what would you know, 4 keys are chipped, there's no music stand, and the little plug for the power cord is finicky. AWESOME. So there goes both our evenings, because, oh right, we have to make the 30 minute trek back to the store to exchange it. Mind you, it was 6 miles away. Yay Brooklyn ghettoooo traffic.
I played the "I'm really mad and going to be super cold and make you feel uncomfortable but not quite be bitchy so you can't think I'm unwarranted in my anger" card real well.
And we got a new keyboard, which we set up IN the store, then went home.

Oh the glory.

Music is now literally at my fingertips.

And what was the first song I played on my new keyboard (which, by the way, needs a name- currently I'm taking suggestions)? Claire de Lune.


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