Thursday, March 01, 2007

It happened

It finally happened. On my 6 month anniversary of living here, to the day.
Tonight I came home after work to do something I love but don't get to do too frequently on weeknights- go to the gym, cook myself dinner, watch tv, and go to bed early.
So, I went to the YMCA, went upstairs to the cardio room, found it surprisingly full, but walked towards "my usual" treadmill. And all of a sudden I hear, "LIZ!" Surprised and confused, I turn around, and who do I see but Melanie, a girl from the Park Slope Singers!
So silly, and so small, but really, exactly what I want. To be a part of the community, MY community, of Park Slope. That I run into a girl I meet in my choral group at the gym.
It's so great to actually feel like I live in a community, a community that isn't a room in a dorm or inherited from where my parents decided to plant their lives (not that both weren't entirely lovely in their respective times). And tangibly see that I, starting from scratch, am finding my place.

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