Thursday, April 12, 2007

I love my job version 78

Today as I was sitting in my fourth hour-long physician interview of the day, diligently typing away while also trying to think ahead to what the next question should be, all the while tuning OUT thoughts of wanting to curl up in my bed and read a book on this rainy day, I thought, "Wow, I basically get paid to talk to really smart people all day and pick their brains about cutting edge technologies and drugs." That's pretty awesome.

And it's funny because some of the most rewarding moments at work are those "A-Ha!" moments when a difficult concept or patient segmentation just... finally... clicks. And it's frequently with a physician interview. The other night it happened when I was on a call by myself cause my partner-in-crime was out to dinner with another client, abandoning me to do the interview on my own... how THAT is fair I don't know, but I digress. ;)

I was talking to this dude about hemophilia and one of the drugs we're looking into, and the whole world of plasma vs recombinant, human vs porcine (pig) products, factor 8 vs factor 7 just came together. It was brilliant. And it was one of those moments where I just wanted to SHARE with someone what I had learned (gosh, I'm such a nerd), but alas, I finished the call at 7pm and no one was in the office. So what did I do, but tell Alexandria and DRod at dinner. They humored me, but looked at me like I was speaking in tongues throughout my entire recap.

So basically, another moment of "I love my job."
But I still want to go home and go to sleep, cause my brain is tired. Smart people really keep you on your toes.

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