Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Day in Brooklyn" Day

This past Saturday was deemed as the first annual "Day in Brooklyn" day. Even though most of my friends have been to The Slope before, it was still the "first" annual. Maybe because there is something about spring and nice weather (a rarity that we embrace in New York) that made it novel, but alas, I was happy to have my people down to my borough. Yes, I claim the entire borough. Including the park. Which is so much cooler than Central Park.
We started the day with brunch at my apartment to christen my new Dansk Tronada plates that I love. DRod was in charge of Banana Pancakes. Only I'm pretty sure that never before in his life had he made food. Ever. Because he decided that using the electric mixer for the pancakes would be great, only he turned the mixer on BEFORE putting it into the mixture, which makes for batter approximately all over my kitchen. So I walked out of the room. I decided it's a guy thing, and just let him work his genius. And the pancakes were quite tasty. Even if my floor, walls, towels, and in the end, my body had drops of batter on them
(DRod I heart you bro, you know that).

Sully was in charge of eggs and I'm pretty sure he was under the impression that he was feeding a small army, or maybe that all of us ate as much as him (again, putting all boys in charge always has special outcomes), because he definitely used 24 eggs. TWENTY FOUR. For 5 of us. I mean, it turned into 8 people in the end, which is kind of reasonable, but he didn't know that when he started cooking. So we had banana pancakes, cheesy ham eggs, bourbon banana bread, and strawberries romanov (also with bourbon, gotta love them Southerners). Yummmmmy.

After our carb coma wore off we ventured out doors to my park. Ahhh Prospect Park. I love my park because I don't feel like I'm in an American park. I feel like I'm in Europe, and those of you who have been to European parks know exactly the difference I'm talking about. Kind of indescribable but incredibly distinct. So, what did we do? A little football throwing, a little whiffle ball, a few games of "the human knot," freeze tag, and the main event- duck duck goose. Oh, you know it. Reliving our (not so distant) childhoods. And we even got people (complete strangers) to join in our game of DDG. It was awesome. That is until Cassie face-planted into the ground when she slid on the grass back to her spot. It was one of those moments where we all kind of paused because we weren't sure whether to ask if she was alright or bust up laughing. I mean, we of course busted up laughing, because she definitely had some lovely cuts on her chin. And legs. And arms. She's a trooper.

And then we ended our day (well, my day) with Uncle Louie G's ice cream. Yum. I had to make an early departure for my concert with the Park Slope Singers, but everyone else went to DiFaras to get a little taste of heaven with their unreal pizza. I heard it lived up to all that I had hyped it to be. And so, an entire day spent in Brooklyn with my friends, hopefully the first of many such days. What more could a girl want?

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