Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Tomorrow should be a really special day, so I'm going to write about it right now, before it happens, and then probably have more entries reflecting back upon the experiences.

1) I'm going to see Justin Timberlake in Madison Square Garden. Ok now, when he was here back in December, I went back and forth for 2 months about getting tickets, really wanting to see him, but not wanting to put up the moola, and ultimately I didn't. And I totally regretted it because I have since heard dozens of positive reviews from friends and friends of friends who have seen his show, how awesome it is, how talented he is, how... hot... he is. Right. So when I found out he was coming again, I was all over it. It's going to be awesome. And it's now going to be even MORE awesome because HBO is filming the concert, to air on Sept 3. Which means it's definitely going to be even MORE over the top ridiculous. However, recognizing that the vast majority of the audience will be of the 13-17 year old pubescent and shrieky female persuasion, I think I may need to have a drink or two before I go. And maybe during. But if Kate's friend gets us All Access passes (ie, backstage with Justin), oh man, I just might go into 16 year old shrieking girl mode myself.

2) Today it was decided upon by my team (all men) that I should go to scope out American Laser Centers, the largest national chain of laser hair removal centers. They have over 140 in the country, including 7 in Manhattan alone. The reason for this venture is that we don't know how they work. We have been to numerous dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices and quite a few MedSpas as well, but these are basically the JiffyLube of laser hair removal. They are machines, getting you in-and-out. So, they're sending me in to check it out, get a consult, and I think perhaps even a procedure. I don't even really know what to expect, or think. I'm just going in, see what happens. Never a dull day at my job. Though I wonder what the company policy is if I am injured/bruised/scarred from the procedure... do I get workmen's comp? Hmmm. Looks like Charles is going to have to write another policy.

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