Friday, September 07, 2007

Weekend in Boston

I love Boston. It's such a lovely city, it reminds me a little of Philly and a little of Brooklyn (well, Park Slope), and it's just so beautiful, calm, and fun, all in one. I was visiting Meesh who is now settled into life as a grad student, has a rockin house with 2 of her friends, and is lovin livin in Boston. Friday was crazy because they had a party for the first years in bio at MIT. Only, it was in their bio building, essentially in a classroom and in their study/computer lounge. It was all fine and normal (talking, dancing, drinking, food, decorations) until the night progressed into The Pit (the study/computer lounge), where was a large blow-up pool in which there were rarely less than 10 people, either fully clothed or in their underwear, because no one had brought swim wear (and why would you, it's an inside party...). And abundance of sangria-chugging out of Poland Springs water coolers and Whippets were also occurring. Of all the debauchery in college that I saw, I think this MIT Biology Grad student party might have topped the cake. And the most ironic part, as Meesh pointed out, is that it's very likely that one day one of those people will be a Nobel Prize winner. Wow. I was going to put up some pictures of the pool, but Meesh took them down off her facebook, so I can't.

In other news, while in Boston we had Mike's Cannolis, brunch at Johnny D's, dinner at Wagamama (our favorite London restaurant, now in the US), bought loose leaf tea, walked around, saw her lab (and the million dollar microscope!), and I ran 7 glorious miles along the river. It was sunny and warm without humidity, and with a light breeze, and cool in the evening. Lovely lovely. It's slower, fewer people, and a lot less fancy-pants than New York, but with all the great amenities of city life. Basically, my idea of a perfect city.

Harvard Business School maybe? Well, I suppose I should take the GMAT first... but maybe someday I'll be in the same city as my best friend, once again.

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