Sunday, November 25, 2007

Can't we all just get along?

If I had $1 for each time a person thought they were being funny and original by making a comment about how "New York" something I do is, I would be able to quit my job and just write blogs all day. Seriously people, is it really necessary to comment "Oh, that's Sooooo New York of you" as if you really know? Or as if it's truly significant or meaningful or, *gasp* even valid a deeper reflection of me as a person? Whether it's how fast I walk, how fast I talk, the clothes I wear, the jewelry I buy, the stories I tell, the food I eat, or, the best yet, my haircut, apparently everyone feels the need to point out what they think is so "New York" about me. Oh, and don't even get me started on the "that's so liberal of you" comments, accompanied by a knowing roll of the eyes and swig of the beer. Suddenly simply because of the fact that I live in the bluest of states I am a pinko-commy-liberal ready to socialize healthcare and turn our country into a welfare state. Right, I was definitely front and center at that session of the "Brainwashing you into a New Yorker" seminar that all new residents are required to attend.

Look, do I bother all you country folk about your stone-washed faded blue jeans and flannel shirts? Do I criticize you for living in the dark ages? Do I poke fun at the fact that you think the addition of Applebees has really enhanced the culinary choices of the area? Do I complain about the lack of wireless internet, oh right, anywhere? Do I lecture you on why it's completely ridiculous that you don't recycle in this day-in-age?

No. No. No. No. Emphatically NO.

So how about this... you leave me alone like I leave you alone? We can both exist in our separate worlds and come together and reflect upon what is good about each realm of existence. Talk about sports. Movies. Music. Hell, even politics as long as you don't feel the need to ask my authoritative opinion on Rudy Giuliani just because I live in a city over which he once presided and because I work with his cousin. As if that somehow makes me "in the know." When did that become an acceptable practice as a friendly human being? I thought not.

See, this is what I don't understand about people. While I'm totally fine letting you be how you want to be-- say, a traveler who needs to get to the airport 3 hours in advance, or married with 2 kids by age 25, or heck, a Louis-Vuitton buying, Jimmy Choo wearing fashion-guru-- you're NOT ok letting me be how I want to be. Everyone feels the need to make people more like them, or knock others down who aren't like them. But is it really necessary? Are the clothes we wear or the speed at which we walk really the most important things to talk about after we haven't seen each other in months/years? Or can we come to some type of common ground based on our shared humanity and dignity and fundamental respect for one another?

As an old friend used to say, Can't we all just get along??
Yeah, I thought not.

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