Friday, November 02, 2007

Thematic Halloween

Am I the only one whose friends tend to be thematic in their choice of Halloween costumes? Like they pick a certain idea and just go with variations on it year after year. Is it because a large percentage of my college friends were theatre kids? Ie, need to be outrageous in every aspec ot life?

For instance, take my best friend Meesh. For several parties in college she went as different Britney Spears videos. I think the crowning moment was when she went as the Toxic video. Because she would kill me if I put a picture on the internet of her in that outfit, I'll just put the real Britney. And you know it was me who had to glue very single "rhinestone" onto that nude body suit. While she had it on her, because it was impossible to do otherwise. Gluing rhinestones onto your best friends tatas takes your friendship to a whole new level.

Then there would be Wes. His theme was usually "completely offensive" costumes. His first year he was Wesiah. Yes, he dressed as Jesus. That was only topped by the year he was a Ku Klux Klansman. Yes, my black friend dressed as a Klansman in West Philly. I honestly thought we were going to be shot. Because from a distance at night you can't exactly tell that it's a black dude. The responses from the (primarily African American) staff at the grocery store when we went to get food for a party were either extreme shock and outrage or hearty laughter. Wes did get beat up that night about 3am.

My theme, you may be asking? Well, I like punny costumes. For better or worse I had some pretty punny costumes in college. Starting out with Freudian Slip, then Black Eyed Peas, and (my most tragically terrible) Coat of Arms. I have to say though that my costume this year has to have been my best: Devil Wears Prada. I had to step it up a notch for the New York crowd. Here are some pictures of my theme, Meesh has one of her Britney costumes (the white shirt/black bra) in the first, and Wes as a Klansman.

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