Tuesday, January 08, 2008


And so it’s 2008.

A new year with new promise and new resolutions, the vast majority of which will be forgotten by the time March Madness rolls around. And that’s being optimistic. With full bellies and enough of a family fix to carry us to the Memorial Day, we begin the long drudge through New York winters. The wind. The rain. The occasional snow that then turns into windy rain. The overriding feeling of “will this ever end??” And then a random 65 degree day that makes us smile and simultaneously cringe as we think, "Ahhh, global warming." Free from tourists bumping into us with their American Girl and Build-a-Bear bags and no longer waiting in lines stretching out the door for every restaurant, bar, and… oh wait, that happens all year long around this place. Good movies. Good sports. Good indoor kind of events to be had everywhere you look. Heck, drive a few hours and you even get some outdoor events that are worthy of your time.

I bet by this point you already fogot I was talking about resolutions, haven’t you? See how long they last?? So, what’s yours? More importantly, how does mine compare to yours? Don’t even pretend like you don’t do it. We all feel out the waters for what people in our social circles are “resolute” to do this year, and adjust ours accordingly. If everyone in your Tuesday night poker club is devoted to losing weight and has decided to switch to Lite beer, you don’t want to be the one jerk drinking calorie laden regular beer as be alone in your resolve to stop swearing so much while everyone is cursing you out for your non-lite-beer. Or, conversely, if none of your peeps feel the need to be resolute about anything, well, then you too might be lazy and view this as “just another year” with no need to improve upon anything. It’s kind of like voting. Or smoking. Resolutions are contagious. Come on now, people, we are fundamentally people-people, much as some of us try to hide it. We need someone by our side, in the same boat, rowing along through the calm and the choppy with equally contagious fervor.

So, this year, be resolute in smart ways. Vote. Both in the primaries and the general election. And don’t just vote- make it an educated vote. Don’t vote for someone for some lame reason, like say, if you’re related to him/her or you like their hairdo or their Botox injections make them look particularly youthful. And hey, while you’re at it, get your apathetic brother/mother/friends to vote too. And hey, why don’t you try to kick your nasty addiction, too? Smoking. Binge drinking. Playing-guitar-hero-every-second-you-are-awake-at-home. The usual. And don’t just kick it- kick it with someone by your side who knows what’s what. That's the only way I ever get anything done.

Just remember, it's both a new year, and only a year. A new year to start with a clean slate, add something good or purge something not-so-good. But only a year- so don't take yourself, or the new year, too seriously. That's a great way to age yourself faster than necessary. And that's no fun, is it?

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