Thursday, January 24, 2008

Royalty for a Night

Ok, OK, I’ve been lazy and haven’t written about our company holiday party. And by lazy I mean the start to 2008 has been a whirlwind and I haven't been able to do much of anything outside of what is required of me as a human being.

But, I mean, there really isn’t a lot to say because, well… it sucked. Totally lame in fact. So how do you write a blog that is read by your entire company about an event that you really didn't enjoy?

Nonono, I’m just kidding. And hoping that my bosses didn't stop reading right then and there to come over and fire me. Honestly though, there’s not a lot to say because it was just too awesome for words. And that’s an understatement. If last year we got to be rock stars for a night, this year we got to be royalty. Dressed in our finest, we ventured down to a lovely Meatpacking bar called Gaslight… or was it G2? In any event, the food was fabulous, the 5 hour open bar was even more fabulous, and the company was not so bad either. In one grand night, all of the significant others emerge showing their faces for an intimate night of catching up, eating, drinking, and being merry. IE, my idea of an ideal evening.

And if you thought it was hard to pick my "top 10" pictures for other events, with nearly 400 pictures to choose from considering alll the different cameras, it was a special special decision.

But this is what I got.

The ladies... plus Jesse... of course.

How lucky am I to work such hotties?

Again I say, how lucky am I to work with such hotties? BTW, Jeff, the guy on the left, played Jesse in the skit. That's why he has a life-size paper cut out of Jesse's face. I swear we're not weird.

Is it inappropriate to keep this "hotties" joke up now? Two generations of dancin men. Well, ok, maybe it would count as 3 generations... Charles IS kind of old... and Jabes IS kind of young... ;)

Darren and his mentees. Classic.

Standard affair for an evening with these two.

This picture says everything about their relationship you need to know.

"Newbie" skit. Charles definitely played me, and I definitely laughed a lot.

This is Dr. Dave playing CWall, who for some time was living out of her cubicle due to the state of her "industrial mansion," as I like to call it. He unpacked this all out of the suitcase (please not the frying pan, coffee pot, and Brita). It was hysterical.

All of our "Newbies," ie, anyone who was hired in Calendar Year 2007. Welcome to the family.

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