Monday, March 31, 2008

Hail Poetry!

This past weekend was a little bit of fabulous with a trip to Philly to see Penn Singers spring production of Iolanthe. I have been back to Philly since I have graduated many a time, but this was by far the most pleasant weekend of them all. A major contributing factor may or may not have been that not only were Meesh and Becca there (both Penn Singers), but also one of my other two college roommates, Meggers FLEW IN FROM MIAMI. First of all, she's not a Penn Singer (though could be an honorary one, for all the Singers events she's had to put up with). Secondly, she needed to go to BOSTON to visit BC as a potential grad school locale. Boston is not so much Philly. Anyone who knows this girl knows that it's perfectly within the scope of "completely legitimate and normal" for her, but few people are as devoted to their friends as this chica.

Oh, and then, lo and behold, the Newbs was in as well. Add to that about 15 other Singers alums, and wow. Overload of cool. Basically the only way it could have been cooler is if Sally (the fourth of the 2210/209 ladies) had shown up. The world might have stopped right in that moment out of sheer inability to handle the awesomeness.

Another factor contributing to the excellence of the weekend is my current stability (knock on wood) in life. No major drama. A clear path laid out for my life. For the next 3 years. General contentment with who I am, what I believe, who my friends are, and how I like to spend my time. Most importantly... NO GUY ISSUES. They all have pretty much been cleared up in the past few months, and life is calm. For now. And for one glorious weekend, I was with old friends, enjoying one another, reminiscing, loving, laughing. And yet this reminiscing wasn't intermixed with the longing and sadness of my first trips to Philly post-college. It was fully (and finally) joyous, simple, and pleasant.

I could continue, but I think you get the point. I will leave you with a few pictures, because, well, there are some good ones.

The glories of the 22 ounce Mad4Mex margaritas that I have describe to so many of you, captured on film. These are $6 during Happy Hour. I know few people who are coherent after two. Three is, well, we won't go there.

My girls- Meesh, Meggers, and Newbs.

Check this out- from left to right there we have class of '06, '08, '05, and'07. Crazy how Singers brings people together.

Remember when I hadn't seen Mia in years and yet we still take the best pictures ever? Love this girl.

It's kind of miraculous to me that this even worked, but I truly love this picture.

The finale, happily every after. Obvi.

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Where's the Hail Poetry video? The people demand it!