Monday, March 24, 2008

New Music Finds v2

Because I think finding new musicians who ROCK is quite an enjoyable venture, and because I have found some goodies in the past few months, I am adding another installment of NMFs.
Nothing fancy, just sharing a few cool people who deserve to be shared. These are pretty much all following in my trend of preferring "singer/songwriter" types, but these guys are worth talking about.

Brendan James has a very mellow feel, and he loves his piano. His smooth tenor voice makes me melt. I love him. And he lives in NYC. Added bonus.
Rick Seibold is my future husband. He doesn't know it yet. But he's pretty much fabulous. And I would like to share in that with him. He lives here, so it's not totally outside the realm of possibility. I swear, I'm not a stalker. Seriously.
Sara Bareilles is a little more mainstream, even has a few songs you may have heard. But I put her on here because she is the first female vocalist in a long time that I truly adore. I don't know what it is, but many female singers really bother me. Call me a snob, but it's true. This chicky I can listen to on repeat. And have.
Eric Hutchinson's album is currently on repeat in my iPod. He was introduced to me by not one but two of my friends who told me I would love him. My friends know me too well. Because I think his voice, his music, everything is fabulous. And so upbeat.
Vampire Weekend is definitely hitting it big now, but I have known about them for awhile, thanks to my dear friend Meesh. So, Meesh is in a biology lab at MIT (real dumb girl), and one of her lab mates is the sister of the drummer. They also happen to all be my year at Columbia (well, most of them), and they therefore hold a spot in a corner of my heart reserved for "nerdy kids who are also rockin musicians and who take a chance and make it big." Their sound is unlike anything I have ever heard, and it's just plain fun. A little punk, a little indie, a little Ivy League eloquence, it's all packed in there.

Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

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