Monday, April 28, 2008

Mystery Caller

This morning when I turned on my phone I had the following message from a guy, timestamp 8:20 when I turned on my phone:

"It's your birthday so i'm calling to wish you a happy birthday! Actually... it's probably not your birthday today is it? I got it confused with something else. I thought today was May and I got up early and it's not your birthday.... but I just called to see how you're doing anyway... I got early to work on some work. So, call me back if you want."

I literally have no idea who this message is from. I have listened to it probably 10 times, and I still cannot determine whose voice it is. I have also asked many of my guy friends if they are the mystery caller, to no avail.

Ok, so I just listened to it again as I'm sitting here typing, convinced that there must be a way to track the call. Indeed, there is. And now I know, it was my brother. My 22 year old coed of a brother who usually misses my birthday because at some point in life he became convinced I was born on May 2nd, not May 1st, and refuses to call me on May 1st because he is so certain it's May 2nd. This year we apparently have a whole new issue. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I didn't recognize my only brother's voice. This is only indicative of the frequency with which he actually calls me and leaves a voicemail. In fact, I can say with almost complete certainty that I can count that number on one hand, maybe on the hand of someone who has lost several fingers. Thanks J, Happy early Birthday to me. :)


preethi said...

Literal LOL.

Anonymous said...

After the message ends and it says "Press 7 to delete, 9 to save, or ___ for more options." Pull up the "more options menu." You find that during the call you can press:
4=play slower (very useful if Liz ever leaves you a voicemail)
6=play faster

After the message pressing 5 gives you delivery info (date, time, from which mailbox #, etc). So that way you can find out what number it's from! You can also reply to the message and it'll show up as a voicemail in the person's box so you don't even have to call them back!