Thursday, May 08, 2008

Winter Wonderlands: VT

This is part two of three in a mini-series about my winter travels and adventures. Yes, I thought I was going to write them all back-to-back, too. But sometimes life gets in the way and other more pressing blog-worthy topics come up. Deal with it.

Since I caught the skiing bug in January, I was looking for any chance to ski. Even if it meant skiing on the East Coast, which I have (repeatedly) been told by my West Coast friends is far inferior. My friends, as you may have noticed, like to "do" things. All kinds of things. When I was telling my coworker Barry about some of our upcoming events he said, "Y'all have all these... intricate... ways of having fun. You come up with all these complex ideas and adventures. I just go home every night and watch a Yankees game." So, not surprisingly, we planned a trip to Vermont. For 10. Because why would we ever consider going somewhere with less than 8 people?


Never having been to Vermont, I was quite excited at this prospect. They supposedly had lots of snow, they had pretty mountains (ok, bunny hills), they had quaint little towns. Sounded great. And indeed it was.
My dear friend Cassie took care of our living arrangements. Found a place through Craigslist. Now, I'm all about alternative living arrangements, staying with friends, saving money, but I have to admit I was a little skeptical of what the situation was going to be like. A farmhouse that sleeps ten? In Vermont? $600 for the week but we're only going for the weekend and that's still a REALLY GOOD DEAL? Sounded too good to be true. But in fact it wasn't.

It was all true. All ten of us slept comfortably in a wonderful farmhouse all to ourselves, rented by a couple who was out of town for the week. Complete with our very own LARGE kitchen, woodstove, and barns with animals (yes, like horses and chickens). The animals were tended to by a guy who lived in another little house. See pictures below. Oh, and it was a 10 minute drive from the slopes. Basically the best deal ever.

Did I mention that the skiing was pretty much crap compared to Utah? Yeah, ok. Thank goodness there was a solid storm the day before we went, because man, after the 2 days we were there, it was gettin pretty darn bad, ice everywhere on the slope, and let's just say NOT CONDUCIVE to people who don't know how to ski all that well. Right. But we managed to overcome these great obstacles and have fun anyway.

We skiied, we ate, we laughed, we talked, we played games, we ate, we skiied, we slept. Yea, that's basically it. Two cars. Ten friends. Two days. Loads of memories.

Eating our PB&J and taking a break from the slopes

A Native Coloradoan and one of the few people I know who rivals me in the impulsivity quotient

The new North Face ad campaign

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