Sunday, June 15, 2008

Additions to the Site

So I decided it was time to make a few addition to my little blog. These have come in the form of a sidebar (cue oooohing and aaahing). For some time I have had this hankering (yes, hankering) to regularly talk about three of the constant steams of entertainment in my life- books, restaurants, and concerts/musicals. But I get too lazy to write a full post, and I also don't feel like a full post is really necessary. Just a little blurb (that's the technical term) would suffice. So, after much thought (ok, it was 5 minutes), the sidebar has been born. I am not particularly gifted in the ways of internet coding and website design, so I don't know if there is a way to keep a running log of these new little sections within the confines of blogger, but alas, this seemed like it would do just fine. So, since you can't look up old "entries" in these sidebar commentaries, you might just have to visit my site more frequently so as not to miss out. I can't take credit for this genius idea, it just happened. When I was in college (seemingly so long ago!) I had a fairly popular weekly survey in my Instant Messenger profile that attracted many a vote and commentary. I have an inkling to try it on my blog, but I am not sure how my readers will feel about ACTUALLY participating. So perhaps I will give it a demo run. We shall see. But for now, check out my mini-reviews of books I'm reading, shows I'm seeing, and restaurants I'm eating (it worked with the rhythm, give me a little break). Enjoy.

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