Monday, June 09, 2008

A Big 'Ole Shoutout

This blog entry is dedicated to the family of the coolest MD this side of the Hudson, Dr. Dave (cue canned music of raucous applause and screams). Why, you may ask, is this chic writing a blog to the family of this mysterious Dr. Dave? That my friends is what I would like to share with you right now.

As it turns out, it's not particularly often that I find out about "random" people reading my blog. And by "random" I mean people that aren't in some way connected to me in the sense of immediate friends/family/coworkers or friends of friends/family/coworkers. Obviously I write for an "audience" rather than just myself because I think that my writing is nominally amusing, but I don't delude myself with hopes of grandeur. Though if someday I could become as well read as someone like dooce, I may just die and go to blogger heaven.

So it came with a bit of surprise and a lot of amusement today when I received an email from Dr. Dave that originated when his brother-in-law's coworker (ok, just pause to let that sink in), who is the random stranger who reads my blog in this story (hi, and thanks for tuning in!) put together that the Dr. Dave on my blog was his coworker's brother-in-law. In full disclosure, it's not TOTALLY random, given that Dr. Dave also applied at the healthcare consulting firm where his brother-in-law works, and thereby his brother-in-law's coworker knew of him and his story (jaded physicians leaves clinical practice and sells out to go to work in the corporate world, etc). But still, pretty random.

As this connection was made, Dr. Dave's brother-in-law alerted the entire family of my blog, apparently starting a string of emails that essentially began with, "DID YOU KNOW THIS CHIC IS WRITING ABOUT YOU?" Oh yea, he knows. In fact, before I even met Dr. Dave I was writing about him, in the form of my monthly company-wide "birthday" email. Sadly all you people out there reading this who are not part of the Kool Kids Klub of EA don't get those gems. But the day Dr. Dave came to EA happened to coincide with the writing of my monthly memorandum. So I thought I would introduce myself to him. I did so in the following manner:

There is a new dude here, so I hear. David is it? I haven’t made my way out of RA land to come say an official hello. So, hi David, this is your introduction to the Camp Director Liz- please bring any requests for fun activities to me, and I will be sure to schmooze Charles and get them funded. Chaz and I go way back.

In my spare time I do the occasional project on botox or liposuction or rare diseases or prostate cancer. I guarantee I know more about your prostate than you do. Nice to meet you.

Oh, and please let me know when your birthday is, so you too can be harassed (er, embraced) on your special day.

From that day on he knew he had found his home, a place inhabited with people EVEN WEIRDER THAN HIM. But he has yet to find his match in terms of special wardrobe choices. So, family and friends of Dr. Dave, he is safe here. Both at EA and on my blog. Because if you've read all the entries about the crazy antics around here, you know that he is just one of the many truly uniquely individuals (yes, I realize this is redundant many times over, but I'm doing it ON PURPOSE for Em-Pha-Sis, so lay off) at our wonderful place of employment. You also don't need to fear that he'll get fired or even that he is letting all his perfectly wonderful clinical training go to waste, given how many medical emergencies we have around here. So, now you can read all the stories that Dr. Dave previously wouldn't tell you because he didn't want to receive 20 emails from y'all about how he was going to lose his job for being so ridiculous. It's all right here.

I would also like to personally thank the family member who called me prolific, I will take that as a compliment. Enjoy my prolificity and stay tuned for more crazy antics and adventures.

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