Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just An Ordinary Tuesday at EA

It's 10:15am and I go to get a glass of water and walk into the hallway to find 10 firemen/EMTs. Which is not an altogether unusual sight in our office, given that since I've been here (including myself) we have had 4 incidents where EMTs have come and about 5 people hospitalized for surgeries otherwise. Mind you, the average age of our firm is probably 29. Apparently healthcare consulting firms attract a high percentage of people who have extreme things happen to them.

So as it turns out our office manager was in the bathroom and went to turn on the light and the door hit her in the head and knocked a tooth in half. She managed to stumble out and say to Kate "I need help" before she stumbled to Charles' office and passed out on the floor. Charles called 911 and then got Dr. Dave (the one MD in our firm) to come in while they waited. No lie, there were 10 men here, TEN to attend to her. And I was all, "Dude, how long ago did this happen?" 10 minutes. And so I said, "When I collapsed on the floor it took 30 minutes for them to even GET here, what the heck?" To which Charles replied, "Last name, honey." Apparently when you call 911 and say the name GIULIANI, you get 10 men in 10 minutes.

After they left, Dr. Dave came out of Charles' office and said, "I was duped! I came here to get OUT of clinical practice, and ever since I've been here it's been like a walk-in clinic."

And that folks was my Tuesday morning.

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