Thursday, October 16, 2008

ACTS Week 7

Our seventh week of ACTS was Marriage and Family week.  This kind of thing has the potential to either be really awkward and sketchy or really wonderful.  And I am happy to say it was the latter.  Our teachers for the week were the directors (Jeff and Val) and one of the staff couples (Dan and Kristin), so it wasn’t some random person coming in and telling us how to live out a Godly marriage or sharing awkwardly intimate stories from their lives when we don’t even know them.  That is all well and good, but it was so nice to have people we know and trust and whose relationships we have SEEN on a daily basis teaching us.  In short, I learned a ton, we had great conversations, solid teaching, and it was a sweet week.  One of the days we split into men and women separately.  We women had a Tea (lovely indeed) and the guys played poker and ate steak.  How utterly stereotypical of us.  Also typical was that the guys inflicted punishment upon the losers of said poker game.  Doug had to wear a truly special outfit that night to the college group meeting (~40 people) we have here. And the photographic evidence of this:

The week was rather “uneventful” but I do have a slew of pictures from the night we decided to take Action Shots.  This being- taking a picture while mid-jump/karate kick/spin/running up a pole.  I don’t know why we were so amused, but we were.  Here are some of the better photos, post playing with my editing tools:

Ironically, our week on Marriage and Family ended with a wedding.  If the staff HAD planned it, they couldn’t have planned better.  Two former ACTS students (though from different sessions), Christina and Trevor, tied the knot on Saturday at Cascade Gardens (LINK), and it was all around beautiful.  The grounds are beautiful, Christina looked beautiful, the clear blue sunny sky was beautiful.  And the cake- oh my Lordy the cake!  It was so incredibly beautiful I could barely stand to see it cut!  Wow, what a wonderful cake.  As it turns out, Trevor and Christina will be on the Romania team, so I will get to know them very very well in the coming months.  In any event, a few pictures from the day:

Isn't this the most gorgeous cake??

Merry Day!

Me and the K-Love


And that brings week 7 to a close.  

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