Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Best of New York

Until I just realized I never wrote about my sweet going-away party, I thought this would  be the last of my posts about my life in New York.  But it will not.  I have one more.  As I left I took stock of my “best of” moments from my two years in the city. Was it really two whole years?  Was it really ONLY two years?  Time is a funny thing.  But while in that wonderful city I experienced greatness in the form of food, bars, cafes, sports, and culture.  And I just thought I would recap a few of my faves to remember for all of time.

So, my Best of New York list.  The following is my favorite:

Thai restaurant- Pams Real Thai

Mexican restaurant- Mexicana Mama Centro

Brunch in Brooklyn- Dizzy’s

Brunch in Manhattan- Grey Dog Café

Pizza in Brooklyn- Difara

Pizza in Manhattan- John’s

Fancy Eats- Gramercy Tavern

Bar- The Gate

Café- Cocoa Bar

Sports Event- US Open (annual), Mets baseball games

Burger- Shake Shack

Lunch- Food World

Gelato- Grom

Wine shop- Best Cellars

Bookstore- Nonconformist Unimperialist Bookstore

Unique experience- Astoria Beer Garden

City-wide event- NYC Marathon

Airport- Newark (Come on now, we’re choosing from a host of losers)

Outdoor Market- Park Slope Farmer’s Market

Free summer event- Philharmonic in Central Park

Museum- Metropolitan Museum of Art (followed closely by the Natural History Museum)

Performance Venue- Carnegie Hall

Broadway Show- Spring Awakening (saw it 4 times)

I think that just about covers all the major ones. Certainly there are many more which I could recount, but these are just the best and most memorable times I can recall from a chapter in my life filled to the brim with ‘experiences.’  Fond times.  Fonder memories.

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pferree said...

I went to the Astoria beer garden last spring. I wish there were more places like it. One in DC would be nice.