Thursday, October 30, 2008

PA All The Way

I tend to think I come from a pretty great state.  Hershey.  Heinz.  Amish.  Will Smith.  The first computer (at my school!).  The first baseball stadium (Pittsburgh).  Need I mention the Declaration of Independence?  Yep, they all come from PA.  We’ll forget that the one and only president who hails from our great state is universally considered to be the worst president in our country’s history, because perhaps that will soon be remedied when historians consider W.  Sorry, that was mean.

And now I can revel in my state even more because the lose-ingest sports franchise in all of history just won the World Series!  The Philadelphia Phillies have actually done something worthwhile!  It’s quite spectacular, really.  Dare I even say miraculous?

As it goes, PA and PA sports don’t get much attention out here on the west coast.  People are all “Beavers!”  or “DUCKS!”  or even “Trojans!” – all these west coast teams that I could not care less about (sorry guys).  But the one “bright” spot is the two students from Michigan, one of whom supports Michigan and one of whom supports Michigan State.  Now THAT is a rivalry I can get behind.  The Big 10 is something I know, growing up with Penn State blue and white running in my veins.  Joe Pa was a household name.  I say “bright” spot because a Nittany Lion fan does not willingly associate with Michigan or Michigan State fans.  But at least they’re not Ohio or Florida fans.  Then we would seriously have a problem.  I’m not sure if fellowship in Jesus extends to Gator fans.  Just kidding.  He did say to Love your enemy as yourself.  Ok, I’m stopping now.

Our resident Michiganers occasionally decide that we all must get behind their teams and we’ll have “Blue and Gold Day”  or “Green and White Day” so eeeeeveryone else has to wear their team colors.  We humor them.  But seriously?  Seriously.  One day while at a thrift store someone on the team happened to notice a plethora of Ohio State shirts.  The wheels started turning and an idea for a wonderful prank was born.  Now, even though Michigan and Michigan State are rivals, they can both agree that Ohio State is deplorable, detestable, downright dreadful (like my alliteration?!).  Uttering the name of Ohio brings shivers down their spines.  So what better way to prank our dear Michigan friends than to bring Ohio State gear into the mix? 

So, one day when it was “Green and White Day” we all donned red and white- many in Ohio State sweatshirts from the thrift store and one guy even in a shirt that said “CHOKE (written in the Coke font)- the official drink of Michigan Football.”  Said Choke shirt was red and white.  The look on their faces as each person walked into class that day was beyond priceless.  It was so powerful because literally everyone got on board.  And not just any red- Ohio State red.  However, I still stand on principle- no Ohio State gear will be worn on my person.  But for the good of the order (I do love pranks!), I wore a red sweater.  For good measure, we took a picture with them, and I think it may be one of my favorite pictures of all time, because the effect is so incredible. 

But none of this really matters because the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series last night, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Phillies haven’t won the World Series since 1980, so it was truly a glorious occasion.  And they won at home, in the bitter chill of South Philly amidst fans wearing red and white (incidentally the same red and white of Ohio State).  Holla.  This game was unique because it was the first time that a World Series game was ever postponed because of rain.  On Monday night they played until the top of the sixth inning, at which point it was tied 2-2 and they stopped the game because of rain.  Normally, if you play 5 innings and then stop the game because of rain, it counts as a full game.  Had they done that, the Phillies would have won, but come on now, who wants to win the World Series that way?  In 5 innings in the rain?  No thank you.  So, they suspended the game and picked up in the bottom of the sixth last night.  The tension was high, and the Phillies managed to pull it out, 4-3.  Oh man, I wish I could be in Philly today.  Celebrate!  Go Phillies!  

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