Monday, October 20, 2008

Rise and Shine

This morning we woke to find we had no power or water.  This was not because of any power outage, but because our staff turned it off.  Why, you may ask did your staff turn off the power and water?  Because it's World Missions week and we are living as out in the missions field, where we might not have power or water, or power outages.  Clearly.  A note on the mirror of our bathroom (kindly lit up by an already-lit candle) read "Please use the bucket to get your water from the blue faucet outside.  To use the toilet pout water into the tank."  Excellent.  So now I sit here writing this blog by candlelight in our multi-purpose room, not allowed to make hot tea, and seeing that our breakfast is bread.  Just bread.  Not toast.  Or cereal.  Should prove to be an interesting week.  

Yes, I recognize I'm cheating by writing this utilizing a laptop and wireless internet.  Clearly African huts have wireless.  

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