Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Buddy And Me!

Does anyone remember the mid-90s "dolls" My Buddy and Kid Sister? More, importantly, has anyone ever owned or known someone who has owned one? Because just the other day someone started singing the little jingle:
My Buddy (echo- my buddy)
My Buddy (echo- my buddy)
Wherever I go, he goes
My Buddy (echo- my buddy)
My Buddy (echo- my buddy)
My Buddy and me!

And so on with Kid Sister.

And singing this little tune created some confusion, as not all in our presence had the joy of knowing about My Buddy or Kid Sister. But alas, we informed them of the gloriousness. Yet when I asked around if anyone had ever owned one, no one had. And when I asked if anyone even KNEW anyone who owned one, again I met with a universal No. So what I want to know is, has anyone every owned a My Buddy or Kid Sister? Or was it all merely an illusion of greatness? Because really, I remember those commercials and that jingle as clear as day, remember WANTING KID SISTER SO BADLY. But nope, no one I know had one. So it's interesting to me this wide-spread "love" of these dolls, yet wide-spread ignorance as to what they are really like live and in person. So please, if you have ever played with one of these lovely toys, do share of your experience. Enlighten us all. Thanks.

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BeccaGVR said...

My brother had a My Buddy actually. I wanted a Kid Sister too, but I never got one. But yes, someone I know did own one! :-)