Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sexy Mack

It’s pretty tough having the cutest baby on the planet in your midst every day.  But that we do here at ACTS, because our student leaders Dan and Miranda have the cutest baby alive.  His name is Mack and he is wonderful.  He is seven months old as of last Friday, and he officially wins Best Personality of Babydom.  He is mellow, happy, and smiley.  And he thinks his crazy auntie Lizzy is hilarious, so I tend to like hanging out with him.  He also makes this growly E.T.-like noise that is unlike any noise I have heard come out of a baby’s mouth.  It’s great entertainment.  I could sing his praises all day, but I will prove it to you by pictures.  These are just a few from the many many MANY taken over our time at ACTS.  Don’t deny it, Mack is bringing Sexy Back

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