Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Painting Playgrounds

One day in Mexico we were able to help out at a school for handicapped children.  It's the largest school of its type in the city, and there are certainly plenty of maintenance needs.  A group of us went simply to serve.  We didn't know what we would be doing, but we knew we had hands and feet and energy.  So we washed windows, trimmed hedges, picked up trash, and painted.  Oh, we painted.  All of the playground equipment.  It was seriously awesome.  To see the equipment go from faded and chipping to bright and welcoming in a matter of a few hours was such a wonderful feeling.  While not all service is tangible and our goal in serving others shouldn't be to be "noticed," it sure was sweet to be able to literally see our work unfold before our eyes.  Though the children were away on a field trip for the day, I am sure they were so excited to play on their newly colorful playground equipment the next day.  

Adina with the yellow

Natalie with the orange

Me painting the ladder.  Took a long long time

Biggest moth EVER

Super cute little boy who loved rolling my water bottle off the edge of the sidewalk.  Over and over and over

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