Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year's Eve 2008

Catching up on my week back in NYC, we will start with New Year's Eve, since that was my first day back in the Apple.  And oh what a day to return to the most party-rific town after four months away in The Rest of America.  Oh. Man. It was both entirely overwhelming and entirely overwonderful to see all (ok, many) of my favorite people in one room (except for a few people who decided they were too cool to come back to NYC, ahem).  After four months of not thinking about what I put on in the morning because I had approximately 6 outfits for each season, it kind of made my brain hurt to have to Think. Very. Hard. in that way.  Like women do, apparently.  And you would like me to choose an eyeshadow color?  I'm, sorry, come again?  And there I went wearing brown, having forgotten that the dress code of the entirety of New York City is black.  As if I could possibly have forgotten that.  But man, I liked that dress (thanks B!).  With my boots.  And my semi-tan legs.  So poo poo on you black clothing wearers. 

The night had an added treat in that another one of the gang who has fled to square-state-land, Mr. Binder, had also returned to his old stompin grounds for the week.  He informed me that in his four month absence he had forgotten how to button shirts, given that his entire wardrobe shifted to T-shirts, Levis, and sneakers.  Right.  Looks like we both had a little adjusting.  But it wasn't all that terrible to get back into the groove of my people.  A little prosciutto.  A little champagne.  A lot of dancing.  And a lot of laughter.  Mostly brought on by the incessant replaying of Beyonce's Single Ladies.  A song to which apparently everyone but me knows the moves.  I must say, I think Miss Emily started herself a little traditional, because that there was one great New Year's Eve partay.  If I do say so myself.
Guess who didn't get the Black memo...

There were guys at the party, I swear, I just didn't happen to take any particularly good pictures of them

Binder and Spangles, back from far off lands, taking NYC by storm

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