Saturday, February 07, 2009

How We Get Our Electric Bill

I am starting a new occasional entry type.  Sort of a "this is how things work in Iasi" guide. Because generally I find that the most unusual random things are totally incomprehensible to me as an American. So I feel the need to share these oddities with the world. I anticipate that the format of these entries will be a photo and a brief explanation. Such as the following:

This is our “gate” door, leading in to a sidewalk that leads to (outside) stairs that go up to our second floor apartment. This door is approximately 8 feet from a sidewalk where people walk with some frequency. You may notice that the bill is crumpled and not in any protective covering. It was raining that day. This makes no sense to me on so many levels. 1) We have a mailbox out back, which is really our "front" considering it is our street address, even if this is the only way into the apartment- even if you are too cheap to mail the bill, why can you not use the mailbox, especially given following points 2-5? 2) What if it blows away before I get home and we never know we received the bill? 3) What if it gets wet and the teeny tiny amount of ink used to print this bill is just totally diluted and we can't read it? 4) What if someone takes it? 5) What if I had come home at night and not even noticed it and it fell to the ground and a) got so dirty under my mud-encrusted boots that I couldn't read it or b) got wet because it was raining and point 3 also occurred or c) point 2 happened? I could go on, but that might just show how pathetically long I thought about this. Suffice to know that this is how our electric bill is "delivered." The end.

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PamCakes said...

Bahahaha... crazy!