Thursday, February 19, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite (Romanian) Things

At 6 weeks into life in Romania, I have developed a fondness for quite a few foods here. Mostly junk food, though I promise I eat normal food. It just so happens that I can make stir fry anywhere, and these foods I can only buy here. So....

Mandarin Yoplait Yogurt- At 40 cents per yogurt, with way fewer nasty chemicals and preservatives than yogurt in the states, I could eat this every day. And sometimes do

Schogetten dark chocolate- German + dark + chocolate. Need I say more? Did I mention that it’s $1 here?

Coca Cola- The rest of the world uses cane sugar as sweetener while America uses chemically corn syrup. I seriously love Coke outside America

Bread- Just 40 cents per loaf, soft and yummy, and literally everywhere

Apricot Fornetti- Not only do I love the Romanian word for apricot (caise), these are the tastiest of the fornetti pastry family

Alfers- These are the best snack ever, and Luci and I consume an entire bag of wafery chocolatey goodness in one sitting

Just a few. A girl can't have too many favorites. With every favorite comes an incremental expansion of the waistline. So we'll just stop now.

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