Wednesday, April 08, 2009


While the title of this entry is actually grammatically incorrect, because the Romanian language doesn't use 's' to pluralize things, I don't actually care. Except that I'm writing about not caring, so I clearly feel the need to clear the air to all of you out there who read my blog and speak Romanian. Lest you think I just don't know. In any event, bunica is the Romanian word for 'grandmother', but until about two days ago I thought it just meant cute old Romanian woman with stockings, funny boots, hat, and many shopping bags. I stand corrected.

I love the old people here. They're just so- OLD. I suppose decades of communism will do that to you. But I seriously don't understand how all these old people survive here, because this city is not geared towards the needs of the elderly. Terribly uneven sidewalks, tram steps that START at my knees, and the like. But there they go, slowly making there way hither and thither, carrying their big bags, stopping every so often to catch their breath, and just generally being wrinkly. What I really would like to do is walk up to the particularly bunica-esque bunicas and ask if I can take their photo, because I just have such a fascination with their ancient beauty. But alas, I don't have enough Romanian to do so, and I'm still not sure if it's rude. So I have been trying to collect some pictures on the sly. I wish that I had some REALLY good ones to share, but alas, not so much. These will have to suffice.  
Please note the purple shoes

Sitting in one of the main squares of the city

Waiting for the tram. Ohhh the coats here...

Ok, so this is a man, but he was just so cute sitting there taking a break from gardening...

This is my favorite- the coat, the hat, the shoes, the stockings, the bag. The whole shabang

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