Friday, April 17, 2009

Feast Week

The first Sunday of every month we have a Feast Week. In addition to our regular meal/church service we ask people to contribute to a "pot luck"-style dinner, preferably with foods from their home countries. And we encourage everyone to wear traditional garb. Any given Sunday we may have 10-15 countries represented in our church, including Nigeria, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Cameroon, Senegal, Israel, New Zealand, Austria, and a smattering of others. In the past few months people have really gotten on board with the whole "wear traditional clothing" bit (the food was always present, always amazing), and it has been the sweetest picture of the international community. With friends from Nigeria and Zimbabwe to Malaysia and Israel, we get quite the variety of clothing. It's also cool because people have started borrowing clothing from other friends, so an African may show up in Malaysian garb (as Pamz below) or an Israeli in Cameroonian wear. We are all one in the bond of Christ, and it's been amazing to see the unity that comes from that, even amidst very disparate cultures and traditions. With Jesus as the foundation we are building our own culture and traditions, each and every Sunday in our little international church here in Iasi. 
Two stunning Nigerian women- Pamz and Chinomso

Three of our Malaysian friends- Danny, Emmanuel, and Joshil

Christina with IDy (Nigeria)

Me with Uche (Nigeria)

Anita (Kenya) and Ropa (Zimbabwe)

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