Monday, May 25, 2009

Travel Log: Brugge, Belgium

I didn't know anything about Brugge except that there is a movie called In Bruges that had sweet scenery from the city in the trailer. And I thought I knew how to spell the name of the city because of the movie, but then I was actually IN Brugge and learned that it's spelled differently in Dutch. Oh, and something about lots of lace. But I thought, hey, since it's on the way, let's just stop and check it out. Oh the benefits of traveling by car in Europe! We weren't there for more than two hours, and just strolled around the center of town. But oh how I wish to spend more time in this adorable and beautiful city. I still don't really know much about it, except that they have a church called the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Which is pretty much what it sounds. They have a vial that contains a cloth with blood on it, purported to be Jesus' blood, preserved by Joseph of Arimathea after he washed Jesus' dead body. And then taken by Thierry of Alsace to Brugge during the Second Crusade. And they totally have a veneration service every day for the blood. Possibly two. And a REAL BIG processional on Ascension Day. I kind of wonder if Jesus sees that and thinks something like, "Gee, I wish those people would daily worship ME and what I did on the cross for them rather than a little vial that may or may not have my blood in it." But maybe I'm totally wrong about that.

In any event, I liked the place a lot. Had a yummy waffle, bought some chocolate and of course postcards. So this is Brugge in Black and White...

One of several canals

Random adorable street

Town Square

Cute old man painting

And one in color, for good measure.

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